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On a Quest for a Tiramisu

Filled with 130 delicious recipes that Julia has gathered over the last couple years, this book will send you on a quest for the perfect tiramisu, the perfect risotto, the perfect pasta dish or the perfect ice cream.
Andrei Konchalovsky's productions will be showing in London

From April 23 to May 3, during the UK-Russia Year of Culture, Wyndham's Theatre in London will be staging two productions by Konchalovsky, sponsored by Sverbank and Charitable Foundation "Art, Science an Sport": Chekhov's "Three Sisters" and "Uncle Vanya".
A new film of Andrei Konchalovsky

The Andrei Konchalovsky Production Center, in collaboration with Russian Post and the Russian Ministry of Culture, presents a new feature film: "White Nights of a Postman".
Julia Vysotskaya new Cooking Studio

On 15 November, Julia Vysotskaya opened her second Cooking Studio on the third floor of the Modniy Sezon shopping centre (the former Moskva shopping gallery).

The Studio also has its own shop selling products from the Edim Doma and Julia Vysotskaya lines, as well as a little café where you can enjoy Studio sandwiches and pastries.
"A Battle for Ukraine" on TV

On 23 August at 10pm, Ukrainian television channel "Inter" will broadcast the premiere of Andrei Konchalovsky´s documentary "A Battle for Ukraine".