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Andrei Konchalovsky's new book is now out

Andrei Konchalovsky's new book 9 glav o kino i t.d. (9 chapters about cinema and other things) is now out.
Great Britain was hosting a retrospective of Andrei Konchalovsky films

In autumn of 2012, a film retrospective was held in the UK funded by the Film Fund.
Andrei Konchalovsky. Nobody knows...

Why the director is so influential is a mystery to both his fans and critics, a mystery the author of this book Viktor Filimonov is eager to solve.
Danny Trejo`s visit

Invited by the Andrei Konchalovsky Production Center, renowned American actor Danny Trejo will arrive in Moscow on 7 November. His visit is timed to coincide with the Andrei Konchalovsky film retrospective which will take place from 28 October to 16 November at the Khudozhestvenniy cinema.
Max von Sydow`s master-class

On 30 October The Andrei Konchalovsky Production Center has invited renowned Swedish actor Max von Sydow to give a master-class to the VGIK students