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The screen of the Royal Paintbox

The Russian premiere of the documentary "Royal Paintbox", which is coproduced by Andrei Konchalovsky, will be held at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival.
New culinary show

On 3 June, Pyatnizza TV channel hosted the premier of the new culinary show "Golodnye igry" (The hunger games).
The pogramme is produced by the Andrei Konchalovsky Production Center.
Royal Paintbox

The premiere of the documentary Royal Paintbox, which is co-produced by Andrei Konchalovsky, was held on March 26 in London.
Andrei Konchalovsky's new book is now out

Andrei Konchalovsky's new book 9 glav o kino i t.d. (9 chapters about cinema and other things) is now out.
Great Britain was hosting a retrospective of Andrei Konchalovsky films

In autumn of 2012, a film retrospective was held in the UK funded by the Film Fund.